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The main problem that arises with criminal charges of this nature is simple: there is often very little proof.

Typically, there is no evidence at all and it is simple one person's word against another.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side therefore is extremely important.

Knowles Law Firm, PLC knows how important it is to combat these charges and will stop at nothing to ensure that our clients are given the best possible chance of success.

If the person commits the assault knowing or having reason to know the victim is a teacher or other person employed by any school and the teacher or other employee is upon the grounds of a school or grounds adjacent to the school or is in any part of a building or vehicle used for school purposes, or any teacher or school nurse visiting a private home in the course of the teacher's or nurse's professional duties, or any teacher engaged in any authorized and organized classroom activity held on other than school grounds.(v) Any other entity that is contracting with the state department of corrections, the department of juvenile corrections, a law enforcement agency, another state, any private correctional facility, a county, a city or the federal bureau of prisons or other federal agency that has responsibility for sentenced or unsentenced prisoners.9.