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Living in a culture where men are accorded enormous authority about virtually everything, is it any surprise that many women who are early in their sobriety or struggling with relapse would look to men as experts or guides?

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The first is that AA as an is not responsible for screening out and separating members.

The second is that the legal system has been using AA as a shortcut or substitute for effective treatment.

Jealousy can keep us trying our best in a relationship and can be the first indicator that we are dating someone we actually kind of care about.

Jealousy regardless of how or when we feel it- is rooted first in fear.

The scene in the movie where the woman jerks the tablecloth off the table and all the food lands right in the guys lap runs through our head and if we weren’t so hurt, mad or whatever it is we feel, we would probably follow suit. Wonderful returns to the normal conversation like nothing has happened and when he notices the tear or anger in your eyes he nonchalantly asks what is wrong. Jealousy can be an all encompassing emotion, especially while dating -but the truth is it doesn’t have to be.