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So, I decided to get my feet’s wet again and that too on mobile niche & started my first journal here, but didn’t quite go my way so had to pause it.

Got a message from Oliver(Admin of Affiliate Fix) that I should maintain my journal and keep track of how far I’ve moved on even though I am failing, Others will surely jump in and will try to help me as much as they can.

Consequently, please replace these links as soon as possible with links from active advertisers.

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A few weeks back, I published a post about dating sites affiliate programs.

When I did my research for that post, dating guides and dating advice affiliate programs also came up.

I can't find any statistics on dating advice, but seeing as there are as many dating advice websites out there as there are dating sites, we can safely assume that at least half of that number are in need of advice on dating.

Searching on Traffic Travis and Google Keyword Planner for the keywords "dating guides" and "dating advice" will bring up not just those same words, but a whole bunch of "online dating" and "dating sites" keywords.

You will receive another email from Commission Junction alerting you to the advertiser's reactivation. Affiliates put a lot of work into getting SEO rank.


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