Amanda seyfried dating hugh jackman dad daughter dating form

Beyoncé: I'm puttin' on my top hat Tyin' up my white tie Brushin' off my tails I'm dudein' up my shirt front Puttin' in the shirt studs Polishin' my nails Hugh Jackman: I got chills. Beyoncé: You better shape up,´cause I need a manand my heart is set on you.

Hugh Jackman e Beyoncé: You´re the one that I want o,o, oo, honey.

"The fact that Tom Hooper's capturing it in that way, it's the most raw and purest performance that you could possibly get," Seyfried explained.

"So I think he's really smart and it's revolutionary." PHOTOS: Holiday movie preview As for Seyfried's new friendship with Jackman?

2, the actress received a kiss on the lips from her costar, Hugh Jackman.