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This may not shock you, given how many advertisements follow you around the internet based on cookies you've accumulated along the way.

Of all the "smart" devices, few are more controversial than the smart TV.

The idea makes a lot of sense: Combine the best parts of a computer and a television into one super-machine. Well, as popular as smart TVs are – especially in the luxury tech department – many critics dislike the format, and the technology is surprisingly susceptible to ransomware. Vizio recently came under fire when customers realized that the advertising was a little too .

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Companies have had to defend their inventions again and again and compared to simpler and less expensive forms of entertainment, the smart TV is struggling to earn its place in your family room. Certain models keep tabs on their owners in uncomfortable ways, and there's really no good reason for this kind of shifty behavior. That's because Vizio smart TVs were keeping track of what owners watched and then tailored advertisements to them specifically.


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