Bios not updating

WARNING: Dell notebook computers must have the battery installed and also be running on A/C power prior to updating the BIOS.

Some Dell notebook computers need to have at least 10% battery charge before you begin the BIOS update.

bios not updating-56

The BIOS also works to give the computer basic information about how to interact with some critical components, such as hard drives and memory, needed to load the Operating System (OS).

Once the basic instructions have been loaded and the self-test has been passed, the computer can proceed with loading the OS from one of the attached drives.

In this example, this is a picture of an early AMIBIOS, a type of BIOS manufactured by the AMI.

Another good example of a BIOS manufacturer is Phoenix.

When the computer is first started, BIOS activates all of the hardware required by the computer to boot including: WARNING: Incorrectly changing the BIOS settings may leave the computer in a state in which the Operating System will no longer start.