Cam live jasmin 2013 - Blackberry podcast not updating

The update the mention is for the firmware and new programs for the phone.

I have seen 2 types of projects working on this: Linberry (From Venezuela ;) ) - Barry - but so far neither offers updating the firmware or downloading updates.

blackberry podcast not updating-2

See also: How to transfer contacts from i Phone to i Phone Now we'll show you how to transfer contacts from older Black Berry to i OS if you sync your i Phone with your Mac.

To do this you can use the Black Berry Desktop software app. Then just connect your Black Berry to your Mac and start the Black Berry Desktop software.

Podcast content is the same as the radio broadcast, except occasionally we include extra material on the podcast that had to be cut for time.

A free Black Berry operating system upgrade is available to any Videotron subscriber with a Black Berry Bold 9700 device.

Are there any Ubuntu blackberry projects I am not aware of.