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A community based information and education resource about breast health, breast cancer risk factors, diagnosis and treatment.

About Breast Cancer provides scientific articles, recent news, a 24/7 chat room, drug and payment info, and links to more than 600 sites sorted by subject.

It adds that "the content in female channels share common words that signal objectification." Commenters on streams by women were more likely to use words like "boobs," "babe," and "cute," while male streamer comments stuck to game terms like "melee," "leaderboards," and "glitch." "Our analysis on both streamers and viewers shows that the conversation in Twitch is strongly gendered," states the report, which is currently under peer review.

"The streamer’s gender is significantly associated with the types of messages that they receive.

But without fat, our faces would appear drawn and old, our breasts and butt would droop and our hands would look like skeletons.