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Mixers/meet-ups will vary in theme, activities, location, and cost.The sky is the limit and we are full of fun and exciting ideas!I’ve heard from countless friends of mine about getting hit on and approached by guys on the mountain.

To Al, a man about town, that was an unacceptable answer.

“Bring him by sometime,” Al chuckled, and I laughed too as I thought of the scene. And there’s my date, the newly minted litigator meeting the tribe for the first time. Now that Bozeman has outgrown its small, mountain-town roots, should I be ashamed of my love for outdoor pursuits? In some ways, we’re the adults we claimed we’d never become: the ones who would never work a “real job,” but now find ourselves happy to ski two or three days a week and to have an employer that understands the and the excitement of fresh snow at Bridger Bowl.

“I went out with a new guy last week,” I mentioned to my friends Al and Ian as we enjoyed a Cold Smoke at Ale Works. “You’d like him,” I continued, and rattled off some of his more redeeming qualities, like his past life as a musician in Austin.

“He’s gotta be,” Al replied, unconvinced that anyone so inactive, so out of touch with , could live in Bozeman and not be a pencil-neck.

I don’t want to date in a Bozeman where I should feel bad about that.


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    Mixers/meet-ups will vary in theme, activities, location, and cost.

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