Carbon dating equipment

Keep your buildings, equipment and people safe with a fire suppression system specific to your need.

General Fire Equipment designs, installs and maintains all types of fire suppression systems including kitchen systems, vehicle systems, industrial systems and clean agent systems from the leading manufacturers.

To check on the method before applying it on various historical and paleontological material, Libby chose material of Egyptian archaeology, under the assumption that no other historical material from over 2,000 years ago is so secure as to its absolute dating.

Unlike metals, carbon fiber, and composites in general, are called . The strength of wood is dependent on the orientation of the grain.

This is true with carbon fiber - the strength of the carbon fiber is dependent on the orientation of the fiber (grain).

On the other hand, metals, plastics, and most common materials have the same properties in every direction. In addition to being directionally dependent (anisotropic), there are many other factors in determining the properties of carbon fiber.

Some of the key factors are: for a specific application.

With initial large margin of error and anything that did not square with expectation, judged as “contaminated,” the method appeared to work and was hailed as completely reliablejust as the atomic clock is reliableand this nobody doubted.


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