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When the earthquake reaches San Francisco, Daniel escapes with Blake to his limousine but the building collapses and she is trapped inside the car.

Daniel flees from the building and leaves Blake behind.

For instance, someone’s who insecure would not wear this outfit.” Ellen then showed a photo of Dwayne dressed as an angel with big blue wings.

Dwayne laughed heartily as Ellen said “you have a strong sense of self, wearing that.” Dwayne said “I have a very strong sense of something, yeah yeah.” Ellen asked “what is that, referring to the angel costume Dwayne was wearing.” Dwayne said “that’s from a movie we have coming out called ‘The Tooth Fairy’ which will be out in January where I turn into the Tooth Fairy, a very very funny movie, great cast, Ashley Judd plays my girlfriend in it, Julie Andrews plays my fairy godmother and Billy Crystal’s in it as well.” Dwayne continued “the funny thing is that the very first time I met Billy Crystal of who I have been such a huge fan of for so many years, I see him and I’m wearing that blue outfit, he looks at me and gives me a big hug and says ‘man you’ve got balls’ Dwayne said he told Billy, “thank you.” Dwayne teased Ellen and pointed to the image on the screen “you can almost see them.” Dwayne laughed and the audience applauded wildly.

And now she's leading the way across the grass on gold wedges to a table in the yard of a rambling house behind a high fence that seems more fanciful than real, like the set for an adult fairy tale, art-directed by Diego Rivera.