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If you're using the cfinput type="datefield" feature to popup an calendar and are finding that it's not working correctly after Cold Fusion 11 update 12 or Cold Fusion 2016 update 4, there's a fix for it.

(This could also happen if you're moving to CF11 or 2016 for the first time and someone else fully updated it before you started testing against it.) The issue is discussed in a CF bug entry, CF-4198570, but since I've had a couple of customers recently ask for help on it, I thought I'd bring it up in a blog post here.

I'm actually not using the "required" attribute for cfinput on the "Headline" field.

Perhaps it will allow a better understanding of what I'm trying to accomplish.

When the problem is happening, you'll find first that the field is populated with a mask (unexpectedly), and more important it is NOT filled in when you select one from the calendar.