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If the room does not require an invitation to enter (i.e.

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Thus, people may get confuse as to what chatroom they can join. 4) If people type "leave", they will be leaving ALL their chatroom conversations. I would like to suggest that we- "chatbot developers from chatfuel" can customize the message: You can create as many chatrooms as you want and you can put a text card before Chatroom plugin and type there "Welcome to Chatroom 1!

3) The default message in the chatroom is not unique per block. @jbc2315 Chatroom works this way:* it's permanent * 200 users max B.1) If you delete the block with chatroom plugin — users will leave chatroom2) you can use Go To Block plugin with filters to lead users to block with chatroom3) you can put text card explaining what is this chatroom about above chatroom plugin4) user can be only at one chatroom at one moment, so they cannot leave ALL chatrooms. But the word is common for all chatrooms Thanks for clarifying! It's a bit confusing as to what chatroom I entered from a user's perspective.

For more current information, see Chat at Wiki page is no longer being updated. Administrators can associate a chat room with a record, such as an incident, and add the chat messages to a Chat Activity journal field on the form.

By default, a user can read the chat messages for a room if either of the following is true: on the Chat room [chat_room] table.

To change chat room message read access, modify the Chat message access control rule or create a new rule.