Colton haynes dating zachary quinto

After doing some digging, here is the information we have come up with regarding who may have been Colton Haynes girlfriend in the past.Obviously, the information we are sharing here is based on pure speculation and rumor.her parents, her siblings and even her grandparents and alleged cousin I saw pics of online all have such prominent noses while Rita’s nose is flat/low bridged (still small though) and wideish at the nostrils. Given her parents and all her relatives she def looks like maybe a throwback gene popped up or an assortment of features led to her looks.

He has appeared in gay oriented magazines, campaigns and photoshoot. There was gossip and rumor that Haynes was having affair with zachary quinto.

Moving on to Colton Haynes personal life, there was big question mark about his sexual orientation. Colton Haynes is one of the hottest actor but it is very weird to hear about his gay icon.

Does this somehow mean Colton swings both ways or does he really even have a girlfriend?

The answer to those questions is the subject of much speculation as is the question about who Colton Haynes might be dating.

Also in the audience was star Colton Haynes, who reportedly dated Quinto in the past.