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Files and application settings can be migrated to new hardware running the Windows® operating system, or they can be maintained during an operating system upgrade on the same computer.

This topic summarizes the Microsoft® tools you can use to move files and settings between installations in addition to special considerations for performing an upgrade or migration.

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Ever-evolving techniques and analytical methods provide new avenues to explore and questions to consider, requiring researchers to balance excitement with caution.

This review addresses what MRI studies of structural brain development in children and adolescents typically measure and how.

Bi-Directional Replication also known as Active-Active Replication, is a configuration where both databases are used as an active site and applications perform DML/DDL activities on both Databases. You must disable the triggers on the target or use OGG to suppress them. Specify the parameter in Extract parameter file when using Golden Gate version or (NOT 11.1). Data Looping In a Bi-Directional replication configuration, each side processes transaction actively.

The Golden Gate oracle replication processes is configured to replicate the transaction data of both the source databases back and forth to each other. For Insert transactions it can cause uniqueness issues and for updates it can spawn into an infinite loop.

You can upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, which means you can install the new version of Windows and retain your applications, files, and settings as they were in your previous version of Windows.


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