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The friction of the tides slows down the Earth's rotation: this is known as tidal braking.

The effect, though small, is measurable by the high-precision clocks used by astronomers, and so can be established directly as well as on theoretical grounds: at present, the effect amounts to a day getting longer by 2.3 milliseconds over the course of a century (see here for more details).

In environments with significant tectonic or isostatic uplift, marine terraces can develop in a series of steps, each corresponding to the sea level at a given time.

In case of lower uplift rates, marine terraces can have a polycyclic origin because shorelines of different interglacials could to be superimposed if their eustatic levels were similar.

This may not sound like much, but it adds up: over the course of 100 million years, that would add up to a change in the length of a day of 38 minutes.