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”Passion Smiths." data-reactid="26"And when you’ve reached your fifth decade you have a much better idea of who you are and what you’re looking for in a mate.

“One of the benefits of dating in your 40s is that you’re likely more relaxed, your expectations are more realistic and you have an established life – friends, family, hobbies, work that gives you joy thus taking the pressure off you to impress every date that comes your way,” explains Madeleine Mason, dating and relationship Psychologist and Director of Passion Smiths.

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I am a liberal who smokes and this week I am getting bombarded by conservatives who don't smoke.

I keep editing my profile and asking people who are not compatible with me to let me be - to no avail. I carefully look over that stuff myself and if the person is looking for someone younger, thinner, etc etc I don't bother them...the dudes that write me - I look at what THEY want and they WANT conservative non-smokers, but still the write me! It makes me wonder if Yahoo attracts the brain dead (or if brain dead is all that is available in MY particular area, LOL). Have met quite a few really nice guys on Yahoo Personals here in Charlotte, NC.

The only thing that has ever stopped me from messaging an awesome-seeming guy, is seeing that he hasn’t looked at his profile in two weeks.

If you don’t have time to sign in, you probably don’t have time for me. (But especially me.)" data-reactid="32"Another way to make impressions easily is to update your profile. Updating can mean anything from adding a new picture to changing a line in your bio; it doesn’t really matter.

”" data-reactid="25" “Those above 40 know how to have a ‘live’ conversation on the phone (gasp! We are not as obsessed with texting, selfies, and social media.