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Under testing, the tea was proven to be ordinary black China tea and Mr Foster's company was fined £5,000 in 1988 for breaching the UK Trade Descriptions Act.

However, Foster fled Britain to the United States where he remarketed it as Chow Low Tea.

FAO 2000 Forest Resource Assessment Vanuatu Country Report Department of Forests March 2001 The initial draft of this report was prepared by Jim Space for FAO in August 2000. Cyclone damage in Vanuatu Commonwealth Forestry Review 66(3):255-264. Maps are available for the major vegetation types for all the main islands and simplified forms of these showing main forest types are given in the attachments [Note: Attachments on file at FAO Headquarters]. km, 74% of total land area, is under natural vegetation (Neill 1987). * Note The 890 ha Pinus plantations on Aneityum were initially planted to assist erosion control, but are now being managed by the community for timber production as well as protection services so are listed here as industrial. Fiji has an active industry based on coconut wood but in Vanuatu this is virtually non-existent except for several research projects.

It was substantially edited and maps prepared by staff of the Department of Forests following, as far as possible, the guidelines prepared by FAO for the 2000 Forest Resource Assessment. Principal formations are tropical lowland evergreen rain forest, small areas of broad-leaved deciduous forest, closed conifer forest, montane rain forest between 1 000 m and 1 500 m; cloud forest above 1 500 m, extensive coastal forest, swamp forest on Efate; and scattered mangrove forests covering between 2 500 and 3 500ha, of which 2 000 ha occur on Malakula (Beveridge 1975, David 1985, Davis et al. Although lowland formations have largely been cleared and replaced by anthropogenic vegetation, forest remains the dominant landscape element on most islands. Name of species group Species in species group (scientific names) Coniferous Pinus caribaea Broadleaved Cordia alliodora *Asian and Pacific Coconut Community. The history of plantation establishment has seen several distinct phases according to identified needs.

à l'est-nord-est de Hervey Bay, dans l'État australien du Queensland, au sud-est des îles Salomon et à l'ouest des Fidji.


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