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Women might go around saying that they don’t like a guy with a bald head, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t feel attracted to him, fall in love with him or even marry him.

From now on, you will notice that there is usually a big difference between what people SAY and what they actually DO when it comes to sexual selection.

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My husband is handsome, smart, and articulate and handles my having alopecia so well, that I don't even notice it.

I have never felt that he had to explain my alopecia and he doesn't. To him I am not surprisingly bald and yet somehow beautiful. He has had friends that have said that his wife is beautiful. " That is the difference, he does not need others approval of me in order to be ok with me.

- At 26, for some reason, I started balding really fast, but I didn´t care.

- At 27 I continued not caring, and thinking girls don't care either, so I just shaved it all and went on with my life.

Not talking about meeting with a wig then revealing afterwards about being bald.