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It can also cause the two of them to feel a sense of shame (although the act itself is not something to shame for, it is that you are concerned about) You would want to first address this with your daughter somehow (if you had read her messages without her knowledge, she may become angry and not listen to what you have to say) The approach you use with her would be of importance.You want her to trust you and to respect your feedback.Here are five things every parent should know: While some teens tend to be interested in dating earlier than others, romantic interests are normal during adolescence.

A teen does not learn how to date in the classroom and most likely has only picked up on some of the basics, like respecting someone’s personal space, at home.

But without experience in a romantic relationship, teens don't know what to expect.

In their group of eight friends, the four boys and four girls are paired off into couples, but prefer to spend their time all together, sitting around and talking at one another’s houses, grabbing something to eat, going to a movie. “We just feel better when we’re together,” Catherine explains.

“At this age we’re always fighting with our parents, so we need to feel we’re loved.” She’s quick to add that while she and her boyfriend love each other, they’re not . ” This is the new world of teen dating, and it can be almost unrecognizable to many parents.

I am about to call the boys' parents and talk about the situation.