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Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology.

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As much as they might be a pain in your butt or do things that might frustrate you, an African man has all the capability of loving and treating a woman like a queen. Square warned you in 2007 about me, well now I'm here and have no plans on leaving.

Posted: [caption id="attachment_95" align="aligncenter" width="334"] Students engaged in "Ideation:" identifying the real problem in their community.

With headquarters in San Francisco and more than 50,000 members located around the globe, GIT relies on volunteer efforts to lead each of the 60 local chapters.

The Cameroon women's national volleyball team represents Cameroon in international women's volleyball competitions and friendly matches.

Today, GIT aims to accelerate the growth of innovative women entering into the high-tech industry and building startups.


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