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Giving evidence on the first day of the 42-year-old former soldier's trial Mr Black said a few days before the sighting he had noticed a sign had been erected outside the Stevens Road property which read: “A naturist is working on this property, please do not take offence.” Mr Black was on his way back from the shops when he saw Jenner working in his front garden.

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Frederick Black, who lives near Rob Jenner's Eccles home, said: "Kids are walking around that area all the time, it's right by a school.

People don't want to see that, it's not right." Jenner denies 13 public order offences and one charge of breaching a community protection notice.

When the trendy Standard Hotel opened above the High Line a few years back, it immediately became known as the "Naked Hotel" thanks to exhibitionist guests who used the hotel's floor-to-ceiling windows to give passers-by a peep show.

The naked frenzy above the Meatpacking District's popular park may have waned, but according to the , midtown's new Yotel is now facing a similar streak.

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