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Without some counseling to understand the causes of their partner’s sexual addiction and how to cope with it, these feelings put the relationship – already under severe strain – at further jeopardy.

How Partner Relationships Deteriorate with Sex Addiction One partner discovers, or is told about, the other partner’s sexually inappropriate behavior.

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Recovery App gives you access to the 12 Steps from Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), Sex And Love Addict Anonymous (SLAA), Sexaholics Anonymous (SA), Gambler Anonymous (GA), Overeaters Anonymous (OA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Features: AA Big Book Daily Recovery Readings12 Step Prayers3 Circle Recovery Tool Locate A Meeting Recovery App is neither approved nor endorsed by any of the 12 step group.

Usually, after a few meetings they feel more comfortable and find out no one has been judged, and that other people are struggling just like them.

12 step meetings are a place to feel accepted and valued for who you are with no strings attached.

When one partner in a marriage or relationship is a sexual addict, both partners suffer as a result.