Dating for vegetarians

So if someone stops eating meat for a significant amount of time, it’s possible that the amount of enzymes dedicated to animal-protein digestion might reduce a little to compensate for the increase of other food groups in the system. “The gut senses what it needs to secrete,” says Rania Batayneh, a nutritionist and wellness coach based in San Francisco.“If you haven’t consumed a type of food in a long time and you eat it, it just might take a longer time to digest, especially with meat.” Toni Bloom, a registered dietician who teaches sports nutrition at San Jose State University, also believes it has more to do with the diet shift.

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Some types of flora build up more than others, based on one’s regular diet.

The same is true of the enzymes that GI tract cells secrete and that also help with digestion.

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In my experience, it boils down to three things: having an open mind, being willing to compromise a bit, and doing a little creative thinking.