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During 1991, two tournaments were played at Guarujá, both part of the ATP World Series.The second event, held in November, was played for the first and only time and referred to as the Philips Open.

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Three densely populated non-adjacent neighborhoods played a pivotal role during the onset and/or course of the epidemic.

The tournament was originally part of the Grand Prix tennis circuit, it was played on a carpet surface in its introductory year of 1981 before switching to clay courts in 1982 until its last year in 1992.

There is some confusion about the exact location of the tournament, with the ATP and ITF stating it was in Guarujá but other sources saying São Paulo.

Guarujá is located in Santo Amaro island, situated in São Paulo shore.

Methods: Serum samples from dengue suspected cases were collected and tested, from December 2012 and July 2013 in Guarujá, Brazil.


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