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and added match Leningrad(VUZ)-Moscow(metallists),1930 in Moscow Poliak the chapter "Matches" - I have corrected match Moscow-Leningrad(Trade Unions),1930(2 new games) in Leningrad Botvinnik, Ragozin ...

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In most of the letters of the first group, the spelling and punctuation have been left as they were in the originals, except for the uniform italicization of titles of books and magazines and the insertion of missing ends of parentheses. make you tell a funny story and then wont laugh but tell you to finish. John Bishop is in the second camp at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana. I spent a literary month with him (July) and wrote a terrific lot of poetry mostly under the Masefield-Brooke influence. The place still speaks of worn-out beauty of roses, And half retrieves a failure of Bergamotte, Rich light and a silence so rich one all but supposes The voice of the clavichord stirs to a dead gavotte For the light grows soft and the silence forever quavers, As if it would fail in a measure of satin and lace, Some eighteenth century madness that sighs and wavers Through a life exquisitely vain to a dying grace. When Vanity kissed Vanity A hundred happy Junes ago, He pondered o’er her breathlessly, And that all time might ever know He rhymed her over life and death, “For once, for all, for love,” he said…

Dear Litz: I write to tell you how very sorry I was that I couldnt accept your “invite” yesterday. This was the music she loved; we heard her often Walking alone in the green-clipped garden outside. Her beauty’s scattered with his breath And with her lovers she was dead.

Thus a purebred animal should never be called a "thoroughbred" unless the animal actually is a registered Thoroughbred horse.

In the world of selective animal breeding, to "breed true" means that specimens of an animal breed will breed true-to-type when mated like-to-like; that is, that the progeny of any two individuals in the same breed will show consistent, replicable and predictable characteristics.

Those that follow are merely a handful that happened to be easily obtainable and which throw light on Fitzgerald’s literary activities and interests. (Lord only knows who.) Tonight is the cannon rush so if you never hear from me again youll know I died a freshman.(gentle pathos.) The “horsing” (or hazing) is going on now. Freshies have to carry their cap in their mouths and by the way our uniforms are some class (not) [Here, Fitzgerald has drawn a humorous image of himself as a Freshman in uniform]. My purpose is to see exactly what effect the war at close quarters has on a person of your temperament.