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Dallah are typically richly ornamented, usually engraved with geometric patterns, stylized plants and flowers, love scenes from Arabic poetry or other decorations, including semi-precious gemstones and ivory.

In its most basic form, Gulf or Arabic coffee has simple ingredients and preparation: water, lightly roasted coffee, and ground cardamom are boiled in a dallah for 10 to 20 minutes and served unfiltered in demitasse cups.

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The most distinctive feature is a long spout with a crescent-shaped beak.

This beak may be covered with a metal flap to keep the coffee warmer, but traditionally it is open to view the coffee as it is poured out.

I’m also very fortunate being married to a woman who takes pride in the culinary art of gourmet cooking which spoils my palate.

Plus the fact that my mother in law also lives with us who too takes pride in her cooking.

In much of the Middle East it is still connected to socializing with friends, family and business partners, so it is typically present in the main rites of passage, such as births, marriages and funerals and some business meetings.