Dating someone with a broken heart is dating being boyfriend and girlfriend

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When my girlfriend broke up with me in 2004, I went home with tears still wet on my face, and activated my JDate profile. When you watch someone you care about (but no longer feel any real long-term or sexual desire to be with) suffer in such ways, it can be difficult to fully extricate yourself from a withered romance.

If I had to guess — in the absence of any studies that I’m aware of to support this claim — I’d say that a considerable amount of genes have replicated in our species solely because, with our damnable social cognitive abilities, we just don’t have the heart to break other people’s hearts. And it’s why sad, broken couples get back together multiple times, even though they’re ill-fated.

You keep checking your phone to see if there are any messages, you don’t know what you are expecting but you are expecting something.

You keep trying to figure out what really went wrong as you stare at the almost full and cold plate of food in front of you. You want it to stop, but no matter what you do you can’t seem to stop the pain or thoughts. You have created an entire world that involved your ex: friends and family, social events, business plan and even dreams like buying a house, having children and traveling to exotic places.

=================And I've seen numerous bitter divorcees like you who can't stand the idea of another woman appreciating YOUR man (as in YOUR property, not your partner) a thousand times more than you ever did.