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As such, the principle is pretty simple and it is this straightforward functionality that has made it so popular.

I spied quite a cute guy at one of my favourite writing haunts, a coffee shop near Nytorget. Rather usefully, he was sitting at a table that was directly on my route to the counter, so I decided that a second cup of tea was in order. Feeling as though a fifth smile would be pushing it, I took another deep breath, and said, “hi”. I cringed and prepared to turn around and face the derision of a of a coffee shop full of hipster freelancers. And now, almost a year later, here I was, faced with someone who bore witness.

The difference between this app and a conventional dating service - which might match you to other people in your area with like-minded interests - is that it operates in a way that is much more familiar to social media users.

You go about using it in much the same way you would a Facebook account, for example.

However, with this app, you are making 'friends' with strangers.