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It takes another 5,730 for half of the remainder to decay, and then another 5,730 for half of what's left then to decay and so on.The period of time that it takes for half of a sample to decay is called a "half-life." Radiocarbon oxidizes (that is, it combines with oxygen) and enters the biosphere through natural processes like breathing and eating.Sending wet or frozen samples for radiocarbon dating is fine.

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You are welcome to contact us to discuss the pretreatment or request that we contact you after the pretreatment to discuss options for radiocarbon dating. However, knowing the dry weight will better allow you to estimate the amount of material to send.

If you want to dry your samples, heating at 90°C to 100°C for 4-24 hours is recommended.

It is naturally unstable and so it will spontaneously decay back into N-14 after a period of time.


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