The testing process takes about a week for the results to come back in about a week and they’ll appear on your profile.By Darron Smith A Del Mar man, Sean Patrick Banks, was arrested on Monday and jailed on suspicion of two s*x-related charges.

The Web site was created by the school, and students in grades six through 10 can pay to find a compatible boyfriend or girlfriend, WISH-TV reported.

Parent Michelle Everett found out about the fundraiser when she found a match survey in her 11-year-old daughter’s book bag.

The fundraiser takes place without parental consent slips, like most other school fundraising campaigns."I don't believe that at 11 years old a school should be promoting opposite sex matching," Everett said. And the school is promoting it, and it's inappropriate."Despite Everett’s alleged phone calls to the school, the superintendent said he has not received any official complaints from parents.

He claimed the survey is harmless, and has been raising money for the school for the past 15 years, more from this source......“When we pushed for more stringent background checks on online dating sites, one company told us the idea of asking for disclosure was creepy,” said Bill Noble, the director of the Safer Online Dating Alliance.

in class action lawsuit over so-called “bait apps,” which are games that can be downloaded for free but then charge users for “game currency” like virtual goods or play money.


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