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There are more ways to define ourselves than wife or mother. Sit down and say something like, “we’ve been hanging out for a while and I just wanted to know where you see this going.” And don’t be hurt if he doesn’t respond right away. They’ll call 3 days later after they’ve had a chance to think and then you can revisit the conversation. You shouldn’t feel like a failure if it doesn’t turn into something more. They sometimes appear not to be able to keep their hands off each other.

DL: Every guy you meet is not supposed to be your boyfriend or your husband. I think women need to learn to be aggressive and lady-like at the same time. Sometimes the President gazes at Michelle like she’s the only woman in the room. ABelle In where she muses daily on dating, pop culture and women’s empowerment.

I have been married to my man for almost ten years.

It is so easy to get lost in the daily shuffle of life and forget to ? The Dating Divas consists of eleven girls who love to date our husbands!

So it made more sense to stay at home instead of having to struggle from day to day.