Uk house wives live camera free - Edmx file not updating

One of the answers seems to say the same thing, that you need to remove the entity and add it back in.

Is this the definitive answer or is there a better way to do this? NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) uses the Update Model Wizard to update an file from changes made to the database.

For more information see How to: Delete Objects from the Storage Model (Entity Data Model Tools).

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Best option is to re-add the entity or manually change the properties (like in my case).

Thanks for the you can do it like that but isn't a little bit strange you don't get all updates with update from db?

For details about what changes are made to the file, see Changes Made to an File by the Update Model Wizard.

The Update Model Wizard does the following: The conceptual model will be updated only for objects that are added to the database.

The Update Model Wizard overwrites the storage model as part of this process.