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Macs do not come with the application, but downloads are available.

Face Time is free from Apple, but when accessed over a cellular network, it will be charged to your data plan. Otherwise the only time you pay for it in any sense is if you pay for access to a wireless network. If you make a phone call to initiate a Face Time contact, that phone call will count against your minutes, but it's not necessary to use the phone to start a Face Time session.

With Messenger, someone on a new i Phone with strong LTE in San Francisco could video chat with someone on a low-end Android with a few bars of 3G in Nigeria.

Messenger has no plans to charge for audio or video calling. If you have access, you’ll see the video camera icon in the top right corner when you’re having a Messenger chat with a friend who can be called.

Instead, it knows more messaging drives lock in with Facebook’s News Feed where it makes tons of money from ads. Tapping it starts a video call, which opens when the recipient accepts.

Once members have initiated a chat and they desire to progress to the next step, they can swap phone numbers and continue their relationship Face Time style.” Finally, video-chatting has become another archetypal step in relationships, like second base, meeting the parents, and moving in.

What’s more, Visual Friend promises to help find your soul mate.

Here's the concept: you sign up for a free Face Plant account, which consists of your name and i Phone 4 number.