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Although, in retrospect, it might not have been a good idea to glue real octopus legs to my face. I demanded that they return to my original healthy recipe, but they refused, and because they owned it, there was nothing I could DO. I saw a Norwegian documentary about a researcher using sound waves to control penguins' movements. Ghost gig got me 3 hots and a cot, but I got tired of taking a back seat, don't you know. I then created the ruse with the Guinea pigs; sewing each of their tiny costumes by hand, using the actual vintage fabrics of their real life counterparts just to throw you off track. Once that was accomplished, I could go after the real ingredients I needed to find. Next, a stone piercing industrial-grade diamond drill bit. (The tape ends.)Ed: The curse of the haunted treasure, an ancient fortune left behind by the conquistadors that first settled this area. And I booby-trapped the whole house in ways that would prey upon their weaknesses. I used the conduit to sneak in and put the costume on. Fortunately, I'd taken a class in the military application of sonic shriek technology at the learning annex. I found out they added a secret ingredient to make nature slivers more tasty: Landfill waste! And I would have succeeded, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling young people. When they found me and thought I was a ghost, I figured why not. A little smoke, fireworks, a skeleton puppet identical to my own bone structure for close-up work, a pre-recorded voice, and the deed was done. The plan was to ship everyone off to Africa, where there is a desperate need for teenage mystery solvers. Until your ridiculous dog started acting like a HERO instead of a SIDEKICK. (The police arrest Amanda.)Pericles: It was I who gave Aphrodite the secret formula. When he saw that Mai Le was wearing the fourth dragon ring, he knew he was close. Wang posed as the evil White Kung Fu Wizard to steal the fourth dragon ring from Mai Le, but Chen pretended to be a Red Wizard in an effort to stop him. Right before you started filming, I hid my Nightfright costume in a closet.

The redhead that had popped up in his sights was Susan Bones, the niece of the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia Bones.

Harry remembered the first time that he had seen the young lady who had set his stomach afloat and that was the meeting on the first Hogsmeade visit of the year, the one that he found members for the DA.

And what better way than to dress as his greatest creation? I was behind in my rent at the Y, so a friend told me about this clock I could squat in. I had workshopped my Lord Infernicus character at various comedy clubs and state fairs around the country. It was a simple matter to use mirrors and a video projector to make myself appear and fly. I had always been good at chemistry, so when I stumbled on the formula for an artificial pheromone that could make people lose their minds with love, I knew I would have my revenge. I would reclaim the crown that was rightly mine, then I would destroy this town the way it destroyed me. And I would have succeeded, too, if it wasn't for your olfactory-challenged sidekicks. Wang used his supposed research trip to Crystal Cove as an excuse to hunt for the dragon's heart. Argus: Well, by scaring you and everyone watching on TV, I was going to prove that Nightfright deserved his own horror movie.

I used my toxin-coated gloves to paralyze all the pirates, but you would not quit. Nan Blake: You know, I may be outrageously gorgeous, but knowledge, knowledge is the key to true beauty. I have to figure out what a notary is before tomorrow's final exam. Someone had to defend the Professor against his critics. I'm Jonathan Wellington Muddlemore, actor, thespian, dramatator. That's when I stumbled upon the mystery solvers state finals. You never let me join in the beta testing of any of your new video games. And finally, rose quartz, mined in the caves beneath Crystal Cove. They had promised me I would be prom queen, but instead they pulled a hideous mask over my face: The face of a monster. I left Crystal Cove that night, but I promised that someday I would return. I went to the airport to see you off, but you weren't on the plane. You just used us to get Wang out of the way so that you could get the other rings. I've been trapped in that box long enough to hear everything Professor Creepy Bird has in mind.

Plus, the drama won’t be limited to paranormal activities — the gang will be portrayed as real teens with real problems, dealing with situations that arise in their families and personal relationships within the group. ) as Fred/Scooby-Doo, Mindy Cohn (The Facts of Life) as Velma, Grey De Lisle (Batman: The Brave and the Bold) as Daphne and Matthew Lillard (the Scooby-Doo films) as Shaggy.