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morning in 2007, Leah Du Buc, a twenty-two-year-old college student in Kalamazoo, began writing an essay for English class that she hoped would save her life.She knew that people like her had been beaten, bombed, shot at, killed.On May 20, 2010, Governor Perdue signed into law House Bill 571.

The residence cannot be within 1000 feet of a child care facility, church, school, public park, private park, recreation facility, playground, skating rink, neighborhood center, gymnasium, school bus stop, public library, or public or community swimming pool.

The registrant cannot be employed by or volunteer at any child care facility, school or church, or by or at any business entity located within 1000 feet of a child care facility, school or church.

This is despite the fact that charges of this nature can be based on exaggerated claims and even outright false allegations.

Your attorney can challenge these assertions, though, and fight the charges against you.

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