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“I am ready to take on the duties of a spouse,” she said. ”, on a report about the animals roaming around a hospital in Selangor.

Zubaidi Ishak, who lives near the hospital in Sabak Bernam, claimed that the cows were grazing on hospital grounds, and believes their owners had let them loose there.

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There’s a higher demand for entertainers like me over in Malaysia.” After the release of her EP in 2004, Lynn continued performing for corporate shows all over Malaysia, living her dream as a produced by Rezzaruction Pictures.

Who else none other than Shahrezza Zuhri as the director.

Mini Monsters Limited aims to always give the best to all children while instilling a lifelong love for the Malay language and inspire change through creativity and innovation. Designed to give children aged 4-6 a good foundation in learning to read Malay, it was developed progressively over a period of three years by a Malay language linguist Drs Bahri Rajib with specialized drama and movement content input from celebrity educator and author Rilla…

(Happy Phonics – Quick To Read) is a creative phonics system that has emerged out of an identification and understanding of what is needed to spear head the hampering of Malay language learning among Singapore pre-schoolers.

On 6 Between 2007 to 2010, she taught vocal group classes on weekends in ICOM, and also the Full Gospel Assembly youth group choir.