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That evening, after we'd watched our three children play on the lawn of our home in the Washington, D. I was 30 years old when this happened, and Chris and I had been married for 11 years.

C., suburbs, he curled into a fetal position on a porch chair and admitted more than I ever wanted to know: He had been having anonymous sex with men. it just happened...; At gay bars, there are back rooms with holes in the walls..." A wave of nausea swept over me as I listened to his agonized confession. We looked like the perfect family in our Christmas card portrait.

He’s the kind of mouth and muscle you need in Little Italy, New York, in December when some sour grifter attempts to fleece you for the cost of a cheap “I (Heart) New York” sweater. 6 PM, FOLLOWING DAY: Al Sharpton goes off like a grandfather clock, booming and bellowing about 20 yards away from my desk at the other end of this studio in Rock Center. All the while his fat owner sits naked on a soiled recliner, ignoring the whimper coming from outside. Yes, the wire was foul, and I needed to take my mind off it, at least for a night.

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Today as the world's celebrates Women's Day, a curious male soul, sitting somewhere in his office, must be pondering over how men have always been at the receiving end and subjected to inequality since ages. Though below Women's Day, the search query still secures fourth position in the list of topics most searched on Google India today. It is true that men should equally be celebrated for all the great things that they do. While some men say that women are in limelight because of focus on women empowerment or too much of favouritism for women in our country, women have some really interesting answers to offer.

Hence, a search for the International Men's Day, the day when men too possibly can bask in the limelight. They even have November 19 as the date to celebrate themselves but very few of us know about it. Papiya Chakraborthy, an SEO specialist working in Delhi NCR, says, "women have always been projected as the weaker ones and therefore a date is designated for them as consolation.

) who I basically fell head-over-heels coo coo for ‘at first sight’ and we started dating.

He felt the same way and for a few weeks we dated, spending every possible moment together getting to know each other.

On International Women's Day, one of the trending topic in India in Google search is Men's Day as boys from across India try to find out when their day will come. In all this hullaballoo of women empowerment, men are left behind and thus, November 19 remains a not-so-significant date."Amrita Mishra, an Oracle employee from Mumbai, says, "women have long been the sufferer.