Infopath row cannot be located for updating

The returned message is "Row cannot be located for updating.

Some values may have been changed since it was last read. It put only some default values on other not rilevant columns.

The first four columns contain the contact data that is visible in the list.

infopath row cannot be located for updating-79

When combined with Info Path Forms Services in Microsoft Share Point Server 2010, Info Path 2010 empowers you to automate your own business processes that collect, manage, and share information.

As an IT professional or developer, you can create a powerful business application by using declarative logic (no code) on the Share Point platform by using Info Path forms to interact with external data and drive workflows.

This article describes best practices for building Share Point applications by using Info Path 2010; part two of this article contains a sample walkthrough for a hardware request scenario.

When building a Share Point application, you must answer some basic questions about your end-to-end scenario.

Is there a requirement for users to work while disconnected from the corporate network?