Intimidating football grounds

ince the arrival of Farhad Moshiri Evertonians have experienced a mixture of excitement and frustration; excited at the prospect that the perennial stadium conundrum could finally begin to be seriously addressed and frustrated that the widely predicted overhaul of the playing staff didn’t quite materialise as expected.It would not be unreasonable to describe Everton's team as being in transition, but, as ever, with a new manager at the helm and the appointment of Steve Walsh as director of football, progress will be measured only by results.

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As ever, we're hopeful that this year finally brings the good news on the stadium front that we all want to hear.

The club's first opportunity to deliver a positive progress announcement will be at the AGM on the 4th of January, we all look forward to hearing the dockside stadium is confirmed, but, whatever stunning renderings are promoted, and no doubt Dan Meis will deliver what's needed, perhaps it's wise to highlight a problem that all of Everton's past failures had in common, a problem that has exacerbated and extended Everton's decades long stadium search....a lack of a plan B.

Progress off the field is also measured by results, and it would be unrealistic to expect Farhad Moshiri to wave a magic wand and instantly repair sixteen years of poor management, poor commercial performance and negative investment.

Looking at the latest accounts it reveals he's provided an £80m interest free loan to consolidate our debt.

Outside the stadium there are statues of Billy Bremner and Don Revie.