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The comedic film, with a slight edge of drama – revolving around the lives of single, unemployed guys living in a warehouse – bundles up a variety of cliches we’ve seen over and over again.What’s new on the scene is that our protagonist moved to the City of Angeles to be a screenwriter, a figure in the film-industry that often gets neglected.

It might be entertaining in some rare moments, but all in all the plot is very straightforward, almost too mechanical.

The acting is somewhat disappointing and it’s unclear if the director or the actors are to blame.

A handsome guy with goofy friends knows a pretty girl, the two don't date for most of the movie, and by the end they realize that what they've been looking for has been in front of them all along.

As long as you don't severely mangle the dialogue and you make an attempt to flesh out the characters a little bit, you're good to go. "Cavemen" feels as though it was rushed to the screen after only a single draft of the screenplay.

CAVEMEN is a romantic comedy about how -- with a little help from our friends -- true love isn't as evasive as it seems.