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This event, co-sponsored by Gauteng Co GTA and the City of Tshwane (Co T), provided the Amandebele ba Lebelo the opportunity to share and showcase their history, culture, language, poetry, dress, craft, song and dance, with the people of Gauteng.

This annual event was also graced by the attendance of amongst other dignitaries such as the acting Executive Mayor of Co T, Cllr Noziphopho Tyobeka –Makeke, the acting speaker Cllr Joe Mkhize and the chief whip Cllr Jabu Mabona.

I think Hawke's a terrific actor, though a lot of the time it seems as if it's just Hawke as...

Ethan Hawke on screen, with some exceptions (like Gattaca), and even in the ' Before' films it seems just like it's this cool guy getting in front of the camera.

And though it's mostly set in the time period where Baker bottomed out the hardest - getting his teeth knocked out by a dealer while shooting a movie featuring himself as his own character in the ' Chet Baker Story - with those scenes from the movie in the movie (whether they were filmed or just imagined by Baker from the script written for him) Hawke gets to play multiple time periods and not in a typical bio-pic format.