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If I moved her to America, she would have none of these things. Well, there’s probably a bus stop within walking distance, but no one rides the bus in America except creepy bus people.

She’d end up sitting in my suburban house alone all day while I work. I couldn’t foist her off on my family; my closest family lives 2,000 miles way.

Asked by The Sunday Telegraph about his actions during the Khmer Rouge era, when he is believed to have ordered widespread purges and the elimination of entire districts of Cham people, a Muslim minority group, he becomes visibly agitated. I can't explain what happened." Ta An is one of the four most wanted people in Cambodia, according to the UN tribunal set up in 2006 to try those accountable for the estimated 2.2 million people who died during Pol Pot's twisted attempt to remake Cambodia into an agrarian paradise of equality.

"I don't understand what the word 'genocide' means," he says. Pol Pot himself died in 1997, aged 72, while under house arrest by a rival Khmer Rouge faction.

Sitting outside his simple, wooden house, Ta An does not look like someone alleged to have sent 150,000 people to their deaths during the murderous rule of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia between 19.


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