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You know the moment when you realize that fine, accomplished brother is with a White woman?Let's call it "the wince." Three-time Grammy Award-winning artist, writer, actress, philanthropist, mother and all-around Renaissance woman, Jill Scott gets to the root of our feelings on the matter in the April issue of ESSENCE...

Although he didn’t have to deal with accusations of disloyalty, he faced his own external pressures – even if he wasn’t always aware of them. Despite my initial reservations, being in an interracial relationship has been a fruitful experience. Do you have any opinions or interracial dating stories you want to share on the topic?

He didn’t always understand why I sometimes felt uncomfortable or angry around people who looked like him, or why I sometimes preferred to seek refuge in women who looked like me. It starts off hard, but when you get to the centre it’s soft, sweet and refreshing.

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I don’t say any of that to come off like an expert (because I don’t even believe there’s such a thing as a relationship expert) but I want it to be clear that I’m fully aware of the explosiveness of this conversation and the one thing I’ve learned is that interracial dating conjures up a world of emotions and insecurities, no matter how hard we all try to act like we are “post-racial” and unconcerned with it.