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This site may have brought happiness to a few people, but really, how many marriages have actually resulted? I tried to do the 3 day trial to see if I wanted to sign up and they automatically sign me up without me being able to do the trial. And I've never used a service I joined match a few days ago.

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The profile creation process is straightforward and flexible. First up is filling in check boxes for the basics like relationship status, appearance, lifestyle, background and values.

Then you write brief comments about your interests like favorite local hot spots, and you finish with an essay about yourself and your ideal match.

Plus they keep taking the money out of your account without contacting you even thou I was clearly not using there 'services' (I use that word very loosely) Do not waste your time or money This is the epitome of taking advantage of people"s emotion. I discovered that seven of them had used photographs that were ten to twenty years older than their actually appearance in person. To me, when a person tries to begin a relationship with such outright lies, it has no place to go. The site in my opinion does a poor job of verifying ages, photographs, personal information of who is on the site.

Do believe all of the complaints you read posted by current and former users of Match . DO NOT BELIEVE the false stories and advertisements that this company throws at you. They should be prosecuted for false and misleading representation..... I was also contacted by outright scammers on the site asking for money.

Options include keyword and tailor-made searching based upon qualities such as ethnicity, faith, education and height.