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Bollywood dreams and money on the sly are prime motivators, the alleys and theatres in Colaba the principal haunts. They pay well to fuck a gori,” says the sex-worker, originally from Turkey.

Police, meanwhile, are wary about taking action in light of a recent home ministry directive TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY GAJANAN KHERGAMKERll you can see from a distance is a long, waxen leg with black stiletto heel peeping out from between two parked cars in a by-lane off South Mumbai’s famed Apollo Bunder Road near the Gateway of India. I’m all yours,” she pouts in her huskiest voice, flashing tobacco-stained teeth. Evidently a drug user, “Saira” as she calls herself, is practised at the lines she voices in a heavily-Arabic accent while exuding a cocaine-laced breath. Having worked as an extra in the backdrop for three song numbers in Hindi films, Saira claims to have landed a role in a “full-length” film as assured by a “producer” who has also paid her an advance of we need to include this also in our debate about FDI in print and retail locals losing ‘earnings’ to law needs to protect the local ‘talent’ to or may be SOPs for local sex workers for the revenue lost ,but lets not waste the energy of our cops in chasing these poor souls ,they did rather sharpen their skills to bust terror cells like what they did in karnatka last week.

Known as “Eve-teasing,” these incidents can be quite frightening.

I found that being an average looking person won’t get you very far using Tinder. Women will swipe left on pretty much every guy that isn’t a 9 at least.

However, police attribute this perceived increase to victims feeling more willing to report such crimes to authorities.