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Using the My Single service, you can check out fellow festival fitties before you go and arrange to meet up at the festival.’ Which all sounds good to us…even though, if we’re being completely honest, we’re still not convinced about the logistics of tent sex, or the allure of hook-ups after three days of not showering.If you are considering signing up, may we suggest you pack some extra wet wipes?

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So if you’ve already exhausted the entire potential dating pool on Tinder or are ready to swipe yes or no on new dating apps with different twisted ways for you to find love, here are the seven weirdest dating platforms you can join in 2017. Hater Say goodbye to the same generic profiles about how someone is "really into going out but also staying in.” Now there’s a website where you can fall for a person who shares a be “We Cut Out All the Cheerful First-Date BS and Get to the Part Where Both of You Admit What Really Gets Your Panties in a Twist.”2.

Bristlr If you identify as being really into facial hair, then you should maybe feast your eyes on a dating app whose purpose is to “connect those with beards to those who want to stroke beards.” It’s a great site for anyone who thinks their horniness during No Shave November is a clue that their next boo should be hirsute AF.3.

Anyone who still thinks festivals are all about the music is quite frankly insane, because we all know they’re really about all-day drinking, dressing like a 5-year-old and flirting.

Then don’t leave without signing up to My Single Tent.

SAN FRANCISCO—Saying love could be as close as a neighbor or colleague you’ve never once found yourself remotely interested in, new dating website On Second launched this week with a promise to pair users with people they already know but thought they were too good for.