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In her new book “The One Year Challenge” set for release at the end of this month, she encourages singles to take a shot at the no dating task for 365 days.“The One Year Challenge” is much more than zeroing out social engagements with eligible bachelors.Toronto comedian Claire Brosseau who ends her year-long "Manbbatical" / "he-tox" / "dong diet" on May 18; as she wrote on her daily, year-long blog is photographed at her home in Toronto, Ont.

A year of abstinence later, my outlook has changed drastically.

Although I'm still single, in this time I’ve learned more about love, sex, and relationships than I have during years of actual relationships and dating.

In fact, I'd never truly taken the time to get to know and accept myself as a sexual being.

And so after a particularly hurtful and unfulfilling relationship, I decided to address the deeper intimacy needs I'd been trying to meet through sex.

At the core it is an intentional effort to pursue God’s perfect love and his plan for relationships and marriages.


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    If you’re an intelligent man who is usually smarter than most of the people you meet, it can be frustrating to realize that other guys with far less brain power than you seem to be fighting women off with a stick. Why isn’t your intelligence giving you a clear advantage when it comes to women?

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