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Due to the nature of this website, sometimes paintings are unfinished or extremely graphic.

The result of this online venture has formed the basis for Hempton's current solo show at Southard Reid Gallery, .

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If you’re old enough to remember the internet in the late ’90s, you’ll also remember the glory days of chat rooms and instant messaging—not only with friends, but also strangers scattered across the globe.

Now, a new Facebook Messenger bot attempts to recreate that stranger-induced high with Chatible, which facilitates a random conversation between anonymous parties.

This is why we introduced a bot which can talk to you while you're waiting for a real user.

Just say something to the bot, instead of "keep waiting" and start conversation. Listen to what your chat partner said (in Alexa's voice) and reply to him or her after your chat partner's phrase.

And with chatting, the option for anonymity and fun screennames was key, moreso because every conversation kicked off with a query of “age/sex/location? So it’s no surprise that apps that let you talk with total strangers reignite the appeal of the early internet.