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Hollywood hunk Shane West’s current relationship status is single.

‘A Walk to Remember’ actor West, however, has not been single since forever. During an interview, he revealed about dating someone outside of the Hollywood.

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Rounding out the group are Matt Jefferson (bass/vocals), Jason Rusnak (guitar), & Aaron Cohan (drums).

Their blend of catchy punk rock styling (with occasional nods to other rock genres), mixed with their love of horror movies & all things creepy, help to create their signature sound which is taking LA&OC by storm.

Despite lacking formal theatrical training, Nagra signed with Joan Brown, a veteran London-based agent, after which she was cast in small television roles in the British medical drama Casualty, and in the television film King Girl, in which Nagra played an abusive member of an all-girl gang.

On arranged marriage: When I was 18 my mother gave me a photo of a man and said I'd marry him.

I told her then I was never going to have an arranged marriage.